Congresses related to the field of matrix biology
09.03.-11.03.2017 Annual Meeting of the German Society for Matrix Biology (Cologne, Germany)
16.03.-17.03.2017 Annual Meeting of the SFBMEc (Marseille, France)
23.03.-26.03.2017 World congress on osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and musculoskeletal diseases (Florence, Italy)
01.04.-07.04.2017 GRS & GRC, Cartilage Biology and Pathology (Lucca, Italy)
03.04.-04.04.2017 Matrix proteoglycans- active participants in cell-ECM communication (Oxford, UK)
25.05.-30.05.2017 FEBS Advanced Lecture Course - Matrix Pathobiology, Signaling and Molecular Targets (Spetses, Greece)
04.06.-06.06.2017 Jefferson Matrix Biology & Pathology Symposium on Fibrosis and Fibrotic Diseases (Philadelphia, USA)
07.06.-09.06.2017 National meeting of the CSMB (Jishou, Hunan Province of China)
11.06.-15.06.2017 Hyaluronan 2017 (Cleveland, USA)
26.06.-30.06.2017 TERMIS-EU (Davos, Switzerland)
15.07.-21.07.2017 GRS & GRC, Collagen (New London, USA)
29.07.-04.08. 2017 GRS & GRC, Elastin, Elastic Fibers & Microfibrils (Biddeford, USA)
30.11.-01.12.2017 Matrix Biology Ireland 2017 (Trinity College Dublin, the University of Ireland)
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