Muenster, experience a Great city

Welcome to Münster
Münster is a multi-faceted city. It is a city of science and learning, the City of Westphalian Peace, the capital city of bicycles and Germany’s Climate Protection Capital. Westphalia’s longstanding regional capital is a young city, not least thanks to its 50,000 students. It is an outstanding place to live, work, learn and research. It is a place where urban culture, municipal diversity and first-class rural recreation intersect and have a mutually enhancing effect.
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The images were kindly provided by Presseamt Münster/Joachim Busch

How to get to the venue

The Location

Institute of Physiological Chemistry & Biochemistry
Waldeyerstraße 15
48149 Münster

Bus connections from main station of Münster with bus stop “Jungeblodtplatz”:
Bus no. 11       Direction Münster Dieckmannstraße
Bus no.  12      Direction Münster Heekweeg
Bus no. 13       Direction Münster Technologiepark
Bus no. 14       Direction Münster Zoo
Bus no.  N80   Direction MS-Roxel

Shuttlebus from FMO (Airport Münster-Osnabrück) to main station of Münster
There is a regular shuttle bus service from and to the main station of Münster with the busses no.  S50 (Express Bus), D50 as well as R51 of Regionalverkehr Münsterland (regional transport in Münsterland) (ca. 30 minutes)

Bus timetable

Phone +49 (2571) 94-3360 Airport information at the airport Münster/Osnabrück (FMO)

Regional transport Muensterland (rvm)
“Die Schlaue Nummer für Bus und Bahn”
Phone +49 (5451) 94-2828 / +49 (1803) 504030