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March 19 – 24, 2023

Gordon Research Conference on Cartilage Biology and Pathology

Lucca (Barga), Italy

May 9, 2023

International Symposium of the FOR2722 on Oxygen, Metabolism and Extracellular Matrix
(free of charge)

Cologne, Germany

July 9-14, 2023

Gordon Research Conference on Collagen

New London, NH, USA

July 23 – 28, 2023

Gordon Research Conference on Elastin, Elastic Fibers and Microfibrils


Manchester, NH, USA

Travel Grant

The DGMB has decided to award a limited number of travel fellowships for doctoral students and young postdocs attending conferences or symposia in the field of extracellular matrix research. The requirements are:
  • You are an active doctoral student or a postdoc (up to two years) in a connective tissue group.
  • You are a member of the DGMB at the time of application.
  • You plan to visit the annual DGMB meeting or the biannual MBE meeting and want to actively participate (poster/oral presentation) in the meeting.
Deadlines and instructions for application will be sent by e-mail to DGMB members. Instructions on how to apply for DGMB membership can be found here.
To attend major international matrix biology-related meetings worldwide, please consider a membership and application for an international travel grant for young scientists of the International Society for Matrix Biology (ISMB).
If you fulfil these criteria please enclose the abstract to be presented at the meeting with a brief one page CV including degrees, oral presentations, awards and list of publications and send it to us.


Recent Dissertations

Here you can find recent dissertations from our members. If you also want to see your dissertation or a dissertation from your lab here just write us a quick message via the contact form.

2022, Cologne

Charikleia Spanou

Regulation of Bone Morphogenetic growth factor bioavailability by the extracellular matrixlink

2022, Cologne

Christin S. Adamo

Connective tissue pathways causative for cutis laxalink

Young Investigator Award

2022, Annual meeting (Frankfurt)

Nan-Peng Chen (München)

„Focal adhesion disassembly at mitotic entry”

2021, Annual meeting (Online)

Aline Zbinden (Tübingen)

„Impact of Extracellular Matrix Proteins on Pancreatic β-cell Function”

2019, Annual meeting Regensburg

Jana Riegger (Ulm)

„The functional role of chondrogenic stem / progenitor cells: Novel evidence for immunomodulatory properties and regenerative potential after cartilage injury”

2018, Annual meeting Stuttgart

Björn Bluhm (Cologne)

„MiRNAs: posttranscriptional modulators of cellular and extracellular cartilage compartments”

2017, Annual meeting Cologne

Raphael Reuten (Cologne/Copenhagen)

„The secreted extracellular matrix protein netrin-4 modulates the physico-mechanic properties of basement membranes”

2016, Annual meeting Freiburg

Jessica Morgner (Cologne)

„Integrin-linked kinase regulates the niche of quiescent epidermal stem cells”

2015, Annual meeting Münster

Emanuel Rognoni (Martinsried)

„Kindlin-1 controls Wnt and TGF-β availability to regulate cutaneous stem cell proliferation”

Poster Award

2022, Annual meeting (Frankfurt)

Kristina Bubb (Cologne)

“Cartilage-specific respiratory chain inactivation alters extracellular matrix homeostasis through metabolic signaling”

Tatyana Danyukova (Hamburg)

“Impaired osteoblastogenesis and extracellular matrix formation in an MBTPS2-knockout cellbased model of X-linked Osteogenesis imperfecta”

Patrizia Pollinger (Frankfurt)

“The contribution of the infrapatellar fat pad to the development of OA pain – the role of thrombospondin-4”

2021, Annual meeting (Online)

Francesco Baschieri (Villejuif, France)

“Fibroblast-tracks drive cancer cell migration across rigidity gradients”

Mélissa Dussoyer (Lyon, France)

“Proteomic characterization of skin extracellular matrix alterations in dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa”

Soraia Fernandes (Brno, Czech Republic)

“Extracellular Matrix Structural and Functional Modifications during Prostate Cancer Development”

Carolin Freiburg (Cologne)

“Characterization of a novel gain of malfunction mutation in an intron of COL6A1”

Abiramy Jeyagaran (Tübingen)

“Effect of nidogen-1 on stem cell-derived glucose-responsive insulin-producing cells”

Steffen Lütke (Cologne)

“Extracellular targeting of hemicentins to the fibrillin microfibrillar network”

Franziska Lausecker (Manchester, UK)

“Identification of an altered matrix signature in kidney ageing and disease”

Sophie Liot (Lyon, France)

“Tenascin-X dynamic deposition during pancreatic carcinogenesis – towards a protective role?”

Chiara Venegoni (Milan, Italy)

“Anisotropic reorganization of the extracellular matrix is associated with transition of bladder cancer stage and grade”

Dmitri Visser (Tübingen)

“Electrospinning of collagen type I out of non-fluorinated, gentle solvent systems”

2019, Annual meeting Regensburg

Elke Pach (Cologne)

“Deletion of fibroblast MMP-14 in the skin leads to reduced melanoma growth”

Heiko Rödig (Frankfurt)

“Biglycan switches between inflammation and autophagy by binding to either CD14 or CD44”

Dominique Muschter (Regensburg)

“Sensory nervous system impacts on cartilage and subchondral bone pathology in a murine OA model”

2018, Annual meeting Stuttgart

Oliver Schneider (Stuttgart)

“Structural Characterization of Collagen VI von Willebrand factor type A domains and the functional consequences of mutations”

Sponsored by DGMB

Herimela Solomon-Degefa (Cologne)

“Structural Characterization of Collagen VI von Willebrand factor type A domains and the functional consequences of mutations”

Sponsored by DGMB

Melanie Föll (Freiburg)

“Identification of tissue damage, extracellular matrix remodeling and bacterial challenge as common mechanisms associated with high-risk cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma”

Sponsored by DGMB

Stefanie Heumüller (Cologne)

“C-terminal proteolytic processing of collagen VI α3 chain: Endotrophin is released in fragments of different size”

Sponsored by Schweizer Gesellschaft für Matrixbiologie (SSMB)

Louise Tzung-Harn Hsieh (Frankfurt/Main)

„A novel biological function of soluble biglycan: Induction of erythropoietin production and polycythemia”

Sponsored by Schweizer Gesellschaft für Matrixbiologie (SSMB)

Eva Brauchle (Stuttgart)

“Identification of glycosaminoglycans in extracellular matrix of human tumor tissues”

Sponsored by Renishaw

Mugdha Sawant (Cologne)

“Keratin 5 threonin 150 phosphorylation is linked to epidermolysis bullosa simplex and regulates filament assembly and cellular function”

Sponsored by Greiner Bio-One

Kaori Sugiyama (Tsukuba, Japan/Tübingen)

“Label-free Raman imaging of elastic fibers in diseased and healthy mouse aortic tissues”

Sponsored by Universitätsklinikum Tübingen

2017, Annual meeting Cologne

Maria Benito-Jardón (Valencia)

„The FN synergy site re-enforces cell adhesion and mediates a crosstalk between integrin classes”

Anna Otte (Kiel)

„In vivo inhibition of metalloprotease meprin beta in fibrotic disease”

Tatjana Holzer (Cologne)

„Mitochondrial dysfunction impairs juvenile growth plate integrity and induces growth plate closure”

2016, Annual meeting Freiburg

Helen Burow (Tübingen)

„Role of netrins and their receptors in disseminated breast cancer cells in the human bone marrow”

Tobias Kühl (Freiburg)

„Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Therapy for Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa”

Yasemin Üstün (Cologne)

„Deletion of the epidermis derived laminin γ1 chain leads to defects in the regulation of late hair morphogenesis”

2015, Annual meeting Münster

Taslima Nahar (Heidelberg)

“Role of the LIM-domain protein zyxin in stretch-induced arterial remodeling”

Augusto Martins Lima (Münster)

“Density and interface immobilization of integrin ligands determine their function as agonist or antagonist”

Alexandra Zuk (Cologne)

“In vivo consequences of dominant negative effects on the fibrillin microfibrillar network”

Oral Award

2022, Annual meeting (Frankfurt)

Wyonna D. Rindt (Würzburg)

“Study of the involvement of single ECM molecules in multiple myeloma bone disease”

2021, Annual meeting (Online)

Christin Adamo (Cologne)

“Effects of EMILIN-1 deficiency on collagen homeostasis”

Syrine Arif (Québec, Canada)

“Extracellular matrix composition during wound healing dictates the diffusion of microvesicles derived from myofibroblasts”

Jessica Morgner (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

“Lamb1-Dendra2 – a new mouse model sheds light on breast cancer basement membrane dynamics”

Muthu L. Muthu (Montreal, Canada)

“Sex specific role of fibrillin-1 in adipose tissue development and function”

Sunaina Suranay (London, UK)

“The tyrosine phosphatase LAR acts as a membrane receptor for the nidogen-tetanus toxin complex”

Dick Heinegard European Young Investigator Award

2022, MBE Meeting, Florence

Julian Nüchel (Cologne)

„Novel insights into ECM component secretion via conventional and unconventional routes”

2018, MBE Meeting, Manchester

Raphael Reuten (Copenhagen)

„Modulating the physico-mechanical properties of basement membranes through the extracellular-matrix protein netrin-4”

Rupert Timpl Award

2016, Matrix Biology Europe, Athens

Alexander Nyström (Freiburg)

“Delineation of disease modifiers allows for treatment of basement membrane-linked skin disorders”

2012, FECTS and ISMB Joint Meeting, Katowice

Thordur Oskarsson (Heidelberg)

“Breast cancer cells produce tenascin C as a metastatic niche component to colonize the lungs”

2010, FECTS Davos

Anika Lange (Martinsried)

“Integrin-linked kinase is an adaptor with essential functions during mouse development”